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Hello Small Business Owner

Need business legal advice? From setting up your business, trading legally to GDPR. I can help you with this. As a small business legal expert, I'll show you how you can grow your business the right way.
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I help entrepreneurs, experts and digital marketers build a business and protect it legally

About Suzanne Dibble Small Business Law Expert

Starting or growing a business can be a daunting time.
You probably specialised in one area prior to starting your own business but now you feel that you have to be an expert in every area of your business from accounts to marketing, from website optimisation to sales.
But one area where you really can’t afford to try to be an expert is in business legal advice.
You are investing time and effort in your business and it deserves to have the legal protection that it needs and the legal structures that can help it to grow.
The consequences of ignoring it or getting it wrong can be far reaching, long lasting and very expensive.
If you would like a free legal consultation with me where I can point you to the legal issues that you need to protect against, please complete our consultation form by clicking here.
If you want advice on a particular matter, then please get in touch by completing the contact form and outlining the advice you require.
I’m looking forward to helping you protect and grow your fabulous small business!
Suzanne Dibble
Multi-award winning business lawyer

The No-Nonsense Legal Blog

What is Granularity of Consent?

Granularity of consent is a question that repeatedly comes up in my free GDPR Facebook group, so I imagine you too have been confused over how many tick boxes you need for your subscribers, which types of marketing services should be split up with the tick boxes, and...

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