Absolutely delighted to say our trademarks have been approved a couple of weeks ago whilst we were away! Thank you so much Suzanne Dibble, we wouldn’t have known where to start without you!
Marie-Christin Coomber

Thanks so much for this week's sprint, Suzanne. I joined Savvy Shay at the start of the year and I'm SO glad I did. Highly recommend the membership! Such fantastic value – you explain everything so clearly and thoughtfully. I'm really grateful to have access to expert legal advice, and to you for your incredible generosity. Have a great weekend! 🙂

“I absolutely recommend attending Friday's session to watch the replays and undertake the Trademark Sprint with Suzanne. I could not have achieved my Trademark name and logo without Suzanne. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, like joining the Savvy Shay club and going through the 90-day programme. You are a blessing in disguise Suzanne and everyone here should take this chance to learn the important and necessary information about legal documents for your business. Thank you once again.” 💖🌹
Sharon Bastien

Suzanne Dibble all thanks to your fabulous programme! Thank you for making it so accessible, the implementation sessions are invaluable.
Julie Rogerson

“Here’s a little woop woop moment. Had a client email me yesterday complaining (unjustifiably) about one of my digital download products. She was pretty rude and aggressive and wanted a refund, even completing the cancellation form for the 14 day refund.
Fortunately I had my digital downloads terms updated and on my site, which had been linked to in the order process with a tickbox confirming acceptance. I was able to refer her to the relevant clause citing that the service she paid for had been completed in its entirety, therefore she wasn’t eligible for a refund.
She then replied to say she withdrew her refund request. And that was that!
So big thanks to Suzanne, because not only did I have the right terms to protect me but I had the knowledge to dialogue confidently and not give in to fear and unnecessary refund requests!”
Anthony Hilder

I joined recently, about maybe 5 weeks ago and its super valuable. i have had questions answered about a corporate contract and the template I just purchased for my needs is brimming full of all the templates I knew I needed and those I didn't know I needed. Also there are so many resources. Its incredible! Its a no brainer to join. As soon as I heard about it I joined and am super happy!
Amber Qureshi

I've learned so much, and now find legals so interesting where I used to find it confusing and would avoid at all cost, so thanks for inspiring me
Carol Ann

“Yesterday, I had the first opportunity of signing up a new client since working on this project. It was amazing to have Terms of Business, Privacy Policy, IP/Copyright, GDPR etc info all ready to go, to know what I had to do with it and to understand it.
Thank you, Suzanne! Job well done!”
Karen Packwood

I love the combination of theory and practical implementation. Having concepts that can be wordy and intimidating broken down and explained, with real life examples, has been invaluable for me. This has been ABSOLUTELY worth the investment, and found myself telling a friend of mine abou the risks he was exposing himself to the other day because he hadn't trademarked some key branding he relies on!!!!
Anthony Hilder

Huge thanks Suzanne…after the 90 Days session feeling empowered, way more knowledgeable and revved up for a super busy July to submit the Roadmap. In the meantime, wishing you a well deserved holiday.🤗🌟
Stella Johnston

Thank you Suzanne Dibble, my trademark was approved last week! 🎉 So thankful for the Trademark sprint you ran in January which helped make this a reality. 🙌
Sarah van Aswegen

“Not one but four trademarks approved in one go! All thanks to the Trademark sprint!
Thank you so much Suzanne Dibble – and funny enough your email came through yesterday with your podcast about trademarking.
And hells yes I trademarked my name! 🥳🥳🥳🦹‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯👯‍♀️👯‍♂️
Being part of this group and membership has been such a game changer for my business. You rock Suzanne that is all. 😘”
Caron Pollard

“Suzanne Dibble I wanted to say thanks for the Trademark Sprint again – I went back and binged watched them over 24 hours over Tuesday and Wednesday and submitted my 1st trademark application last night 18.30 – If felt GREAT – thank you.
In all transparency, what was holding me back was me and thinking that the task was bigger than it was. Your videos and PDFs were just excellent and SO clear. I just did it in real time. THANK YOU

I just got my trademark certificate for The Listening Labs – oh goodness this feels great! Thank you Suzanne Dibble for empowering me. Thank you!”

Carol Ann Gvineria

“Hi, I’ve just joined and wanted to say thank you for all the resources, I knew I needed a lot of this stuff but wasn’t sure how to go about it . I’m working my way through them and have set up terms for client contracts and added disclaimers etc to my website and feel a bit more ready to go now. I can see I’ll be coming back in as I set up 2 funnels.
Thanks again.”
Fiona Mackenzie

“I decided to join Suzanne Dibble’s Savvy Shay membership and Small Business Legal Academy before I emerge into a business and it was a super good decision.
In this journey towards becoming a business I know I need an anchor of legal knowledge to help me help myself protect my ideas that are evolving along the way and Suzanne Dibble’s trainings and legal templates on offer embody exactly that anchor.
There are live Q&A surgeries with Suzanne for real life legal situations that arise for small businesses – all questions are valued. Listening to people’s questions is a great learning resource too.
If the words legal and feel good could ever go together – that place is here – the legal training content has a feel good vibe and is delivered in a way that is easy to grasp. While it can feel daunting to position oneself within a community of small business owners when one isn’t a business yet, I wholesomely recommend Suzanne’s legal academy and Savvy Shay membership because understanding the legal foundations of the entrepreneurial journey at the early stages and then becoming equipped to put the relevant protections in place – helps towards putting oneself ‘out there’ with ease.
This kind knowledge sharing community of entrepreneurs is a feel good safe space to start – I feel honoured being part.
Abigail Pearlman””
Abigail Pearlman

“Fabulous session last night Suzanne thank you!
You took all the fear and overwhelm out of it!
I can definitely complete this much quicker than I anticipated thanks to last night's session! 😅”
Gia Lili

The membership benefits are incredible Suzanne 👌thank you so much to you and the team 🙌
Julie Twist

Thanks Suzanne l greatly appreciate the surgeries and the membership
Taruna Chauhan

Having been quoted by various local solicitors to help draft the very documents provided in this membership, the cost of being a member is a snip in comparison to said quotes….and that's just one small part (document drafting). What you offer, Suzanne, is so much more than that and at a more than reasonable price. The webinars have really opened my eyes to the legal side of my business and I've now finally got more time in the coming weeks to really tighten legal documentation (already started with the help of the templates). Thank you Team Suzanne! I for one are grateful for the work you do and support you offer.
Andrew David

“This post is brilliant Suzanne as it beautifully sums up all that we have access to. Honestly, I'd forgotten about focus mate and it was the reminder last week which prompted me to use it and I've done a couple of sessions this week to remind myself of some legal concepts and work out what I want to look at next. I find those monthly trainings invaluable to dip back in and out of, cos it's easy to forget things too. I'm so much more aware of potential legal potholes and can also point my clients and course students as to where they need to invest effort into putting their legals in place too. One of my course students bought your templates a couple of weeks ago after your webinar, so I know she is in a good place too.
Thank you 🙂”
Susan Weeks

“Thank you Suzanne Dibble and team. I bought the membership 6 months ago and you've already answered all of my questions during surgery (that were keeping me awake at night!), and I redrafted my T&Cs using your template straight away.
This week I have finally had some time to go through all the documents required for my website – using your templates for Privacy Policy, Cookies etc. I'm now plugging away at getting my Trademark for company name and logo by watching your implementation sprint! Oh and I got my logo designer to sign the IP assignment letter.
The value of all this (even just this week!) and the peace of mind it brings is priceless. I recommend you to all business owners I know, it scares me to think how unprotected I was that first year of business before I found you! Thank you thank you 😀”
Susan Charlesworth

Deeply appreciate all that is available in this membership and the opportunity to ask questions. I have just licensed some of my artwork for use in a forthcoming book which I would not have had the confidence to do without the licensing template (they have agreed to use mine not theirs- which of course mine is written in favour of the artist…ME!) Love the surgeries (so often others questions raise things I had not got round to thinking about!) I am working through Total Legal Protection which is giving confidence to grow my creativity/spiritual coaching business. Until this membership I hadn't heard of Focusmate… It is a total game changer!! Suzanne Dibble you are ALL the awesome, making complex legal stuff and laws easily understandable and cutting through to what I actually need to know. The SSBC team are fabulous- all amazing special shout out to Rivka who goes above and beyond! This membership is top of my list in terms of business investment annually. I'm on the smaller side of small business and would say that this is absolutely THE BEST and MOST IMPORTANT thing I pay for. So grateful, thank you 💚

I love this membership and so glad it exists and that there are so many ways to learn in it. Gaining legal awareness and knowledge here is confidence building. Appreciate you and your team thank you 🙏
Abigail Pearlman

“‘Yous’ (as we say in the northeast) are amazing!
I wish I’d carved out time properly when I first came across Suzanne’s templates and offers. Now that I set aside regular slots of time to go through the templates and replays I am learning more and as a result, feel a lot more confident as a business owner. Better late than never! Thank YOUS 🙏”
Joo-Lee Lewis

From the moment we were put into contact I felt Suzanne was always there to offer support, guidance and a friendly ear in what turned out to be a lengthy and stressful process of selling my franchise business. Suzanne was the ultimate professional, without being a ‘stuffed shirt’ and had an excellent grasp of all the legal aspects of the sale. I really felt I was in safe hands. Suzanne was able to work flexibly which really helped my personal circumstances. I feel she is a credit to her profession and the service Suzanne offers is unsurpassed.

Sarah Whale

award winning Little Kickers franchisee

I had been using Suzanne's legal templates for years and I knew I had the basics right such as terms and conditions, freelancer contracts and privacy notices. But it wasn't until I went through the Savvy Shay roadmap that we realised that we'd missed a few things that I had no idea about. Yes, I could have gone on blissfully unaware, and yes, it did take some time to go through each and every document and legal process, but I am so pleased that we took the time to get this sorted. I want the next few years to flow for me and I didn't want to worry about any of those ‘what if' moments, and I am particularly delighted by how easy it was to trademark a couple of our product names. Being Savvy Shay'ed has given me the confidence and peace of mind to know that I now have a business that is set up to do all the right things and look after each and every one of our clients, as well as protect myself from any unexpected disasters.
Karen Skidmore

What would I have done without Suzanne?’ is a question I’ve asked myself many a time when she’s been helping me to sell my business. And the answer is ‘I really don’t know!’ Prior to speaking to Suzanne, I didn’t have a clue where to start. From our initial telephone conversation I felt so reassured to be in the hands of such a consummate professional. Nothing is too much trouble and she explains everything in non-jargon terms. She’s very approachable and has a wonderful air of calmness about her. It’s not every day that you sell your business and if you want to have confidence that you’re following the correct legal process, I would highly recommend working with Suzanne. I really couldn’t have contemplated doing it without her!

Rona Wheeldon

past owner of the Organised PA and owner of Flowerona

Working with Suzanne Dibble has been great – she’s the perfect example of a professional, intelligent and conscientious lawyer.  I would have no hesitation in working with her again and will recommend her wholeheartedly to my peers.

Founder of Private Online Membership Site

4 years ago I set up my business to keep me busy while my children were small. Although I soon found that I had a great business that could easily be replicated around the country, I never wanted to get in over my head financially by borrowing money to grow it. I resigned myself to staying small & local, with just me running everything. When my local free business support told me about a grant to help grow your business I finally saw that I could grow my business. In order to franchise my business I needed a Franchise Contract. To keep the costs manageable – even with a grant, I needed a miracle solicitor who wasn’t going to charge me an extortionate amount per hour for their work.

Through networking on Twitter, I followed a friendly sounding business called “Law4Mumpreneurs”. She offered great tips in less than 140 characters! When another Tweeter highly recommended her, I got in touch. Suzanne was my miracle! We had an initial phone call in which I talked about my business for an hour! We didn’t stop talking until Suzanne understood everything about my business & where I wanted to go with it. She gave me invaluable information on franchising and told me the documents & contracts I needed in place. All this & no charge yet! I breathed a sigh of relief when she explained that she charged a set fee for the work & documents. When the quote came I was even happier. Having received previous advice from professional franchise advisors on the costs of contracts, I was amazed that Suzanne came in at under half this amount. With the grant in place to help with half of the cost, I could suddenly see how my business could flourish, without having to borrow a penny.

Working with Suzanne was a breeze. I love that she Skypes – so informal yet practical! Documents went back & forth. Her work didn’t stop until I was completely happy. Imagine how much that would have cost me per hour. Even when the work was done, I have contacted her with any legal questions & she is always more than happy to advise. A year on, I have my first Franchisee in place and am about to sign my second. I have been able to move from working within my business to working ON my business and I envisage it spreading across the country at my own pace, off my own steam & with my own investment.

I was so pleased to finally meet Suzanne at last year’s Mumpreneur Awards when she deservedly won the Best Supporting Business Award. Who knows, after the invaluable support & service she gave me, I may be up for an award myself next year

Nadine Peatfield

Managing Director, Lots for Tots

I met Suzanne through my business mastermind group as I was looking for a lawyer to help me create a contract for a new business relationship I was embarking in with a medical clinic. I decided to hire Suzanne to help me as she came highly recommended and was very thorough in her initial consultation, giving me confidence she could do the job. Working with Suzanne has proved very stress-free and quick. We spoke a couple of times over the phone where she diligently quizzed me about the new business relationship and before I knew it, I had my first contract draft in my inbox. Efficient and to the point. My legal vocabulary is not the greatest so it was brilliant that Suzanne could break things down into easy understandable chunks of information which I could use. I was so happy with the final document that I’ve used it as a privacy policy template for further new business relationships I had. I know legal fees can be expensive but Suzanne delivers more than what is expected, being very reasonable and transparent. I would highly recommend Suzanne to helping any business owner make sense of the legal maze and getting the legal foundation for their business on a solid foot which is a MUST!

Dr Terry Loong

Anti-aging and Aesthetic Doctor

I wanted to franchise and was recommended to contact Suzanne by Clive Sawyer of Business Options. Suzanne was a perfect choice for me personally and  for my business. Our initial conversations were very thorough and long, with Suzanne really wanting to understand what I needed and how best to form the contract for my prospective franchisees. She was very efficient and got the contract to me extremely quickly, as I had a short amount of time before signing up my first franchisee. I found working with Suzanne a pleasure – not only was she very approachable and easy to talk to, she was  very experienced and knowledgeable in this field and had practical experience that was invaluable. Up to that point, I had only really had advice on paper about how my franchise could work, but Suzanne had real experience. Suzanne quoted me a price and stuck to it , there were no hidden extras. The documents she produced were excellent and  I feel safe knowing I am protected by the contracts. I would definitely use Suzanne again should I need to.

Anna Shepherd

founder of Boppin Bunnies

Suzanne was fantastic when I called her to help me draft some legal documents for my expanding business. She gave sound advice and was very clear and easy to work with. She communicated brilliantly with me and made sure I was happy with every aspect of the documents she drafted and also amended them if I required, all at a fixed rate price that I found reassuring. She was very responsive to my needs as a small business owner and I felt she gave good value for money. I would heartily recommend her and use her again in the future!

Vanessa Heywood

MD of Tiny Mites Music

Suzanne is not only a fantastic lawyer but she also understands about business, and the challenges businesses face regardless of their size and industry. Her style is friendly, professional and efficient, ensuring you have the appropriate legal protection for your business at a fair cost.  I’m so glad that I discovered Suzanne as she’s my first choice for top quality legal advice and I highly recommend her

Tracy Stonard

founder of Magenta Cakes

Having been impressed with Suzanne’s website, I approached her when I needed some help with my contracts for my coaching clients. As a trained solicitor, I am aware how important it is to get your house in order document-wise but I also didn’t want to intimidate my clients with complicated paperwork. Suzanne responded to this brief beautifully. She understood that things needed to be kept simple but didn’t compromise on the legalities. I now have a beautiful, comprehensible set of documents which is a relief to me and I feel confident to send them on to clients. Suzanne is a delight to deal with; charming, accessible, very efficient and reasonably priced. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others

Rona Steinberg

CPCC of Out Loud Coaching

I chose Suzanne because I wanted to deal with a lawyer who understood where I was coming from – a  busy professional mum who understands the pressures a mumpreneur faces juggling home life and business needs. I liked the way Suzanne was happy to adapt to my needs (having telephone consultations at times that suited me rather than a typical 9-5 arrangement).  I needed advice on the legal issues associated with setting up a limited company and company website. Suzanne gave me excellent practical guidance and really importantly never tried to upsell anything to me. She helped me get the best quality service at a price I could afford as a start-up with an entirely transparent charging structure. I would totally recommend Suzanne as an outstanding lawyer and I would use her again without question. The quality and thoroughness of her approach to working with me and the excellent legal advice, alongside her friendly and helpful manner and approachability helped make the minefield of business legislation much easier to navigate for me.

Caroline Wright

Director, Caroline Wright Communications Ltd

I initially came across Suzanne by chance via the Internet after making the decision to set up my own business earlier this year. As a Chartered Surveyor previously working in central London, I had the fortune of working with a number of solicitors from the top city firms. Since setting up my own business however I have come across a few solicitors who frankly do not appear to have the depth and breadth of knowledge that I expect from a lawyer or indeed that I’d been used to. I also found one or two solicitors who, whilst seemingly knowledgeable, just didn’t have the personable nature I felt I could work with. Then I came across Suzanne. I telephoned her and left a message for her to call me which she did in a timely manner. That was a good start! We had a lengthy telephone conversation about my requirements and at once I knew that she knew her stuff! It was great, at last a knowledgable solicitor, with a great background and at a fraction of the cost she would be if she still worked in the city! She was also lovely to speak to. Too good to be true? Well, actually no!Suzanne has to date helped with my business terms and conditions and my firm’s complaints handling policy. She has listened to my queries, taken account of my comments and hasn’t appeared too frustrated by my many suggestions and proposed amendments during the drafting stage! I would have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Suzanne’s services. Not only is she impeccably professional and with oodles of knowledge but she is also very approachable and allows you time as a client to discuss your needs in some detail and without the feeling that you’re “on the clock”. Thanks, Suzanne, for your help to date and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Suzanne Spooner

Manging Director, Goodlands Commercial Property Management & Consultancy Services Ltd

I needed a new contract but didn’t really know where to start. I was immediately reassured with Suzanne’s approach as she spent time getting to know my business and spoke to me in non-lawyer type terms! I had also been concerned with costs of this type of work, but Suzanne was always very clear on what the fees would be (no hidden extras) and why.  I was really pleased with what Suzanne produced, and relieved as to the lack of stress it caused me! If you are looking for hassle free legal advice from an experienced but approachable lawyer, who will make sense of the legalities of what’s needed, then look no further than Suzanne – a pleasure to do business with!

Wendy Chamier

MD of Open Sesame internet marketing

Being a site for mums, it instantly made sense to work with Suzanne as she describes herself as a ‘lawyer for mumpreneurs’ but I would like to emphasise, Suzanne’s commitment and professionalism was what I would expect from a top-rated law firm. We were delighted with how perfectly Suzanne had understood our requirements for the legal documentation, including a very complicated reward module that had to be included in our Ts & Cs. The work produced was of top-notch quality and good value for money. Working with Suzanne was a pleasure, she was very approachable and prompt, I would recommend her to anyone who needs legal advice

Pooja Juneja

CEO & Founder, Mums and Me

I worked with Suzanne so I could make sure everything legal was in place for the launch of my site.  She advised me brilliantly and in plenty of time to insure that my terms and conditions were ready, so my mind was at ease.  She continues to give excellent support afterwards as well.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone.  She understands the needs of small business well, and also appreciates the budget restrictions that some of us are operating under

Helen Neale

founder of Kiddycharts

Suzanne has been a pleasure to work with.  Being in the process of setting up an online luxury home retail business, I really wanted to make sure my terms & conditions were accurate, correct and clear.  She made what could have been a daunting task extremely easy and all my legal documents were ready within a very reasonable time-frame.  She was professional, straight-forward, timely and efficient.  Her costs were clear so I knew exactly what I was paying and for what.  I would highly recommend working with Suzanne

Nicole Antar

, founder of Pomegranate Interiors

Suzanne provides efficient, professional, comprehensive legal advice and services for very competitive fees. I would have no hesitation in warmly recommending her services to any potential client looking for high-quality and friendly legal advice at affordable rates

James Apperley

Managing Director of Apperley Assistive Technology Ltd

It has been a pleasure to work with Suzanne. I put off our licence agreement as I felt I didnt understand it well enough to even begin the process. Suzanne made it very stress free, accessible and even enjoyable!  I wholeheartedly reccommend her services

Laura Sydonie

founder of Theatre Tots

Suzanne has been instrumental in allowing me to grow my business through franchising. I had been considering franchising for a while but was concerned that setting up the legal documentation required would be complex, time consuming and expensive. Suzanne’s service, along with her friendly and approachable manner, made the process straightforward, easy to understand and affordable even for a small company. She took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve and put together an agreement completely tailored to my requirements. Through her experience she was able to advise on some areas that I was unsure on. I would certainly recommend Suzanne to any business looking for a legal services, and am pleased to say that my franchise agreement is already being put to good use

Helen Gillies

founder of Tots Play

When selling my business, I knew instantly that Suzanne would be the one to help me. From the first phone call to the final contract, Suzanne was fantastic in helping me understand the jargon. Being completely clueless about anything legal, Suzanne communicated everything to me in plain English, and was a great support when making decisions around the sale. I would definitely recommend Suzanne to anyone looking for a lawyer

Amanda Farren

co-founder of Mumpreneur UK and founder of Ella Announcements

Being a site for mums, it instantly made sense to work with Suzanne as she describes herself as a ‘lawyer for mumpreneurs’ but I would like to emphasise, Suzanne’s commitment and professionalism was what I would expect from a top-rated law firm. We were delighted with how perfectly Suzanne had understood our requirements for the legal documentation, including a very complicated reward module that had to be included in our Ts & Cs. The work produced was of top-notch quality and good value for money. Working with Suzanne was a pleasure, she was very approachable and prompt, I would recommend her to anyone who needs legal advice

Pooja Juneja

CEO & Founder, Mums and Me

Suzanne is a great find and provided me with all the legal documents that I needed for my new website.  She took time to understand the specific needs of my business, waved her legal magic wand at my ramblings and turned them into a great set of Terms & Conditions.  Highly recommended for a friendly, efficient, jargon-free and cost effective service for a small business like mine.

Chrissie Slade

founder of Gorgeous Guineas

Thanks Suzanne for your efforts in ensuring my new business is properly protected and projects the right image with its legal documentation. You clearly understood and were interested in my business and you were a pleasure to deal with; knowledgeable, efficient and concise. I will be delighted to recommend you

Karen Beard

founder of KWB Human Resources Limited

We recently appointed Suzanne to deal with all the legal requirements of a project. The diverse task has been tackled with great energy and knowledge – meeting each mutually agreed deadline, and all within the original quoted budget. From day one, Suzanne’s willingness to be challenged and debate during the process of compiling our documentation quickly demonstrated to us her professionalism and competency. We look forward to working with Suzanne again in the future

John Palmer, MA C.Dir

CEO of Exec4

Suzanne was able to bring calm and reassurance to the process of going through the legal side of small business set up tasks and above all was patient and helpful  with our questions resulting in a tailor made set of solutions and working documents that will I am sure serve me well going forward. What was particularly appreciated was the way she was able to put us in touch with her network of other specialist colleagues on related matters  who, where needed  also provided an equally sensitive  and helpful  level of Client Care I would unhesitatingly recommend Suzanne as a value for money option for any new small business set ups like mine

Suzy Cain

founder of Cake to Measure

Suzanne has been superb to work with. I had heard great things about her work, so when I needed some legal advice to draft a licence agreement for Winning Women I had no hesitation in calling Suzanne. I was initially concerned about the legal jargon, however Suzanne answered all my questions with clear explanations and put me at ease. I was pleasantly surprised and extremely impressed how easy it was to pull the licence agreement together.The whole process has been smooth, quick and cost effective. I highly recommend her for any mums in business

Allison Marlowe

Woman’s Coach of the Year and founder of Winning Women

Suzanne provided us with a great service – she was thorough and focussed, and guided us through the legal details with ease.  Friendly and accessible, Suzanne gave us excellent advice and answered all our questions promptly.  She also provided us with some excellent recommendations for other professional services and we have been very happy with both our web designer (B Websites) and our PR expert (LS Media).  Suzanne literally helped get our business off the ground – and we can’t thank her enough

Karen Hutson and Liz Scarboro

founders of DietHeaven

Fabulous, thank you Suzanne. Brilliant job all round

Clare Lower

founder of The Gourmet Trotter Company Limited

Suzanne was easy and pleasant to deal with – her style was pragmatic and down to earth but she was able to stand her ground when necessary. She was organised, responsive and positive, steering both us and the other parties through to the successful completion of the transaction in a very tight timescale. We would certainly work with her again

Keith Evans

MD of Grosvenor Clive & Stokes

I have had the pleasure of working with Suzanne on a range of smaller and some very major projects. I have always been consistently impressed by her ‘can-do’ attitude. She has a calm, reassuring manner, is highly approachable and a consummate professional.  Suzanne’s advice is always is jargon-free and straightforward and she is always more than happy to take time to address client’s questions or concerns which she does in an open, understandable and very patient manner. She is fully prepared to make herself available outside of regular hours to meet her client’s needs, her focus and commitment remain the same no matter on the size of the instruction and working with Suzanne assures you swiftly that you that you are in a very safe pair of hands! Nothing is too much trouble. We are looking forward very much to working with Suzanne on the global expansion of our business

Suzanne Borrell

marketing director of What’s on 4 Limited

It was a pleasure to work with Suzanne, who combines her undoubted legal expertise with a strong commercial approach.  She is responsive to client deadlines and willing to go the extra mile, for example, being available to make final amendments to drafts late at night or over the weekend.  She also makes small business clients feel as important as her more established clients.  I would recommend her to anyone who is starting to question the value for money and service offered by the big legal firms

Gwyn Roberts

ex Virgin and business development director at Cube Interactive Limited

Thank you Suzanne for sorting out my affiliate terms of service for my Web Tech Club. I was going to merrily use the ones provided in my shopping cart system but, as you pointed out, I needed to have specific ones to reflect my business model and products so I can protect myself, as well as my affiliates.  The standard one provided was very American and didn’t reflect my UK business.  And although I’m pretty sure nothing will go wrong, I feel much happier knowing that everything is set up legally in the right way .. just in case

Karen Skidmore

Marketing Club for Technophobic Business Owners

Suzanne was recommended to me via contacts on Twitter and I couldn’t be more happy with the service I received. I needed a bespoke licensing contract drawn up for my business and Suzanne quickly understood exactly what I needed. As a fellow ‘mumpreneur’ I was also delighted to be able to speak to or contact her in the evenings or at weekends as this is clearly when many of us work! Suzanne is utterly professional, efficient & competent. When clauses needed redrafting for any reason, this was done within budget & without any hassle at all. I will certainly come straight to Suzanne for any legal work in the future & would not hesitate to recommend her services

Wendy Powell

founder of the Mutu System

Suzanne provided the perfect solution for my start up Just Go Direct. Suzanne has a strong pedigree/background in corporate / commercial law. Her expertise was clear from day one; a true professional. Straight talking and quick to respond to queries.  As a working mother myself I find Suzanne accessible at the strange hours you find yourself working. I think the synergy given the responsibilities with parenting makes a for a great relationship too. Equally important are the fees; you’d struggle to find a lawyer like Suzanne with a similar fee structure. Highly recommended.

Catherine Naylor

, Communications Director at Just Go Direct

Suzanne has helped make launching The Lemon Club straight forward and jargon-free.  She provided easy-to-read licensing and affiliate agreements, membership terms and website Ts & Cs.  We wouldn’t go anywhere else if we needed legal advice in the future.  She’s also exceptionally dedicated, sending one critical agreement at 10pm on Christmas Eve!  And her prices are excellent.  Thank you, Suzanne

Sue Carey

founder of The Lemon Club

I got to know Suzanne via Twitter and she had also been highly recommended to me by people in my network. When a legal issue came up within my business I had no hesitation in immediately asking Suzanne for help. As a small business owner I found her service second to none. She is super efficient, knowledgeable and prepared to go the extra mile for you. What also makes her brilliant to deal with is that she is straightforward, down to earth and just a lovely lady! All in all – an invaluable service

Sharon Gaskin

founder of the Trainers Training Company Limited

I’m delighted with the work Suzanne has carried out for LS Media Ltd. I feel really fortunate to have found a professional, experienced and capable lawyer who offers a jargon-free and transparently-priced service. She tailor-made a number of documents for me, is meticulous in her detail and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other businesses. I instantly felt I could trust her to help me make the right decisions in terms of what was covered by the documents and I appreciated her approachable and friendly nature too, which made it much easier to ask those ‘silly’ questions

Lesley Singleton

founder of LS Media Limited

Suzanne has been a godsend to www.babyfriendlyboltholes.co.uk helping us draw up listing agreements, website terms of use, privacy policy and e-commerce terms and conditions. She offered great advice and turned my ramblings into clear, concise and water tight legal documents all with efficient, friendly, expert and affordable service. Best of all, she’s understanding when multi-tasking means briefings take place with Dora the Explorer background music! I plan to use her services again soon and would recommend her highly

Sian Williams

founder of Baby Friendly Boltholes

I’m so lucky to have found Suzanne.  Her involvement in our franchising has made all the difference to us making it happen.  Suzanne took the time to understand the business and asked lots of questions to ensure we had considered every business and legal aspect of franchising.  She really understood the pressures of a small business and particularly the juggle of being a parent of a small business.  She delivered as promised, responded very quickly to emails, didn’t confuse us with legal jargon and was very fair and clear with the costs.  After 4 years and 3 other solicitors I have finally found one I can recommend and that I will use again

Sam Willoughby

founder of What’s on 4 Limited

Suzanne has been prompt, efficient, patient and always available when I have needed to speak to her and her jargon-free manner meant I was able to understand all the legalities behind the documentation that was drafted for me.  I would most definitely recommend Suzanne to my colleagues and I will be for sure taking up on more of Suzanne’s services in the  future

Payal Patel

founder of the Trainers Training Company Limited

It was so easy working with Suzanne. She explains things without legal jargon, is approachable, swift, professional and dedicated. I would recommend her to others

Elaine Clark

founder of CheapAccounting.co.uk

Suzanne provided me with excellent legal advice for my company, Tribal Mash, jargon-free and easy to understand

Alison Rothwell

founder of SEO Training Club and Tribal Mash

I needed a contract to be drafted quickly as I had designers waiting to start work. Suzanne was very understanding of my situation and reacted quickly and professionally. She was quick to understand my specific requirements and I had my comprehensive contract finalised within a couple of days. I can honestly say that it was a pleasure dealing with a lawyer!

Hayley Chalmers

founder of Short Couture Limited

Suzanne came along just when I really needed practical friendly legal advice.  The consultancy agreement that she drafted for me was exceptional and covered all the angles, including areas I hadn’t even thought about.  I now feel much more secure in my relationship with my consultant, safe in the knowledge that there is a proper contract in place defining expectations, and safeguarding the future.  Suzanne turned around my request promptly and provided flexibility and acute legal knowledge.  I would highly recommend her services

Amy Taylor

founder of Amy Taylor Accountancy

Suzanne was a great person to work with. She was able to interpret our requirements, without the need for us to understand complicated legal jargon. She delivered documents quickly and efficiently and revisions were made overnight when we had a deadline. Suzanne has offered us support and guidance over and above what we anticipated and she provides a service which is friendly and affordable

Mum’s the Boss

Suzanne is extremely approachable, speaks plain English and gives me a very reasonably priced quote and sticks to it. I never had to chase her for information, in fact she is one of the most proactive, dynamic and warm professionals I have worked with. I would, and do recommend her work to other mumpreneurs whole heartedly

Nicola Bird

founder of JigsawBox

Suzanne did a great job in drafting a licensing agreement and confidentiality agreement for our young business. She was well-informed, but challenging, which enabled us to get the right agreement drafted, not what we initially thought we needed. The peace of mind and protection that Suzanne Dibble has given us is priceless – however, we were very surprised to find out how affordable it is

Heather Townsend

founder of the Efficiency Coach

Working with Suzanne was an absolute pleasure. Dedicated and extremely knowledgeable, she was able to lend her expertise and make clear all legal aspects in plain English when we were organising a charity auction in a very short time frame. Her advice and services are invaluable, especially for time poor mums in business and I highly recommend her, and will definitely be working with her again

Natalie Lue

founder of Bambino Goodies

I’m so glad I found Suzanne. Not only has she helped me understand complex issues, but she has always been available when I have had a pressing question (often, as a mum, late at night!) and has been amazing at getting contracts and other work back to me in a timely manner. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone that wants an amazing, and personable, lawyer!

Alli Price

founder of Motivating Mum

Suzanne was a great help to me when I needed professional expertise to tailor make some terms and conditions for my business. Her professional judgement accurately predicted business issues I hadn’t considered previously and as a result I feel really confident that my business terms are now watertight. I’d recommend Suzanne’s expert work to anyone

Alison Rothwell

founder of Arabella Miller

Suzanne has helped me with all the legal content for my website (www.babybeamers.com) as well as my manufacturer contracts, and she has consistently gone above and beyond what I as a new business expected from a lawyer. She is professional in her manner, yet very approachable. She knows her stuff, is very proactive, quick to respond over email and phone, and knows how to explain what’s going on in layman’s terms

Birgitte Lydum

founder of Baby Beamers Limited

As a small and reasonably successful business I feel one of our greatest strengths is being aware of ROI and added value. I consider within my business the greatest asset is the people that I hire and that work alongside me, Suzanne is one of those people.  I met Suzanne at a ‘women in work conference last year and was immediately impressed with her approachability and professionalism. We have now worked together on various projects and I have been very impressed with her efficient, cost effective and yet fastidious approach to legal issues within a small business, she is terrific and I am delighted to provide a testimonial for her and her work

Niamh Barker

, founder of The Travelwrap Company

I was very impressed with the service provided by Suzanne Dibble. Suzanne is very approachable, had a swift understanding of our requirements, was very thorough and turned the job around very fast. The fee was also very competitive. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services and would certainly use them again

Suzanne Borrell

founder of SMB Events Limited

It was a pleasure to work with Suzanne – she quickly understood the concept of the company and drafted an agency agreement which exceeded my expectations. She has been very proactive and available and met the deadline I gave her even though it was very tight. She really did provide excellent work and I do not hesitate to recommend her

Managing Director of Giv’Organic

Suzanne took the time to understand our business and market we serve to tailor the terms and conditions to our needs. They are comprehensive and thorough which is reassuring for us now to  have in place. Having an upfront fixed fee agreed in advance worked well for us – no nasty shocks of surprises. I would highly recommend Suzanne.

Toby Winn

MD of Amber Pumpkin