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Suzanne's Blog

GDPR – Do I Need to Get Fresh Consent for my Email Marketing?

RECONSENT Here is what you need to know about re-consent and email marketing if you are thinking about obtaining fresh consent from your list. 1. Decide the lawful ground for all of your processing of personal data including for sending marketing emails. 2. The ICO guidance is that legitimate interests for email marketing MAY be […]

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What is Granularity of Consent?

Granularity of consent is a question that repeatedly comes up in my free GDPR Facebook group, so I imagine you too have been confused over how many tick boxes you need for your subscribers, which types of marketing services should be split up with the tick boxes, and whether you even need tick boxes?! The […]

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5 Simple Steps to Check Your Service Provider is GDPR Compliant.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that GDPR is challenging for you as a small business owner. Not only do you have to ensure that you’re GDPR compliant as a business yourself, you also have to ensure that all your third party service providers who process personal data for you (“processors”) are GDPR compliant too. GDPR […]

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Do I Need to Get Reconsent From an Existing List?

Small business owners are panicking. “Do I need to get re-consent from an existing email list? What if I do and everyone unsubscribes, or doesn’t re-opt-in and I’m left with no one – I’ll lose my entire marketing list that took me so long to build up!” Now, I’m talking about a typical small business […]

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Do You Need Double Opt-In for GDPR?

One repeated question that keeps coming up within the small business communities is whether you need to switch all your opt-in forms to double opt-in for GDPR.  Do I need double opt-in?  Do I have to use double opt-in for everyone?  Is single opt-in enough to prove that someone has signed up to my list […]

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