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What is Granularity of Consent?

Granularity of consent is a question that repeatedly comes up in my free GDPR Facebook group, so I imagine you too have been confused over how many tick boxes you need for your subscribers, which types of marketing services should be split up with the tick boxes, and...

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Do I Need to Get Reconsent From an Existing List?

Small business owners are panicking.“Do I need to get re-consent from an existing email list? What if I do and everyone unsubscribes, or doesn’t re-opt-in and I’m left with no one – I’ll lose my entire marketing list that took me so long to build up!”Now, I’m talking...

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Do You Need Double Opt-In for GDPR?

One repeated question that keeps coming up within the small business communities is whether you need to switch all your opt-in forms to double opt-in for GDPR. Do I need double opt-in?  Do I have to use double opt-in for everyone?  Is single opt-in enough to prove...

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Don’t Be Afraid of the GDPR Wolf – What is GDPR?

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave, you should know that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on the 25th May 2018. Everywhere I turn, small business owners are asking, “What is GDPR and does it affect me”?With headlines of the €20m fines,...

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Top Tips for Choosing Your Business Name

I have heard of many people who are setting up a business and spent ages pondering a name for the business, spent a fortune on a website, logo, business cards and other marketing materials and then for one reason or another discover they can no longer use their...

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