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Suzanne's Blog

Employed or self employed? A key question before you take someone on

When you get to the stage in your business where you need to take people on to help you grow the business, you may decide to either employ somebody or to take on associates. Many people decide to take on associates at first to avoid paying Employer’s NIC’s and being subject to the myriad of […]

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Why you shouldn’t be doing business without written terms and conditions

Your standard terms and conditions (i.e. the legal basis on which you are willing to do business with your customers) should be the first legal document that you put in place when you are starting a business. You should consult a specialist commercial contracts lawyer (like me!) and discuss what your business does, the key […]

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Top Tips for Choosing Your Business Name

I have heard of many people who are setting up a business and spent ages pondering a name for the business, spent a fortune on a website, logo, business cards and other marketing materials and then for one reason or another discover they can no longer use their business name and have to re-do the […]

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Top 10 Legal Issues to Consider When Using Twitter

Twitter can be a fantastic marketing tool, but you need to be aware of the legal implications when you use it for your business. 1. Make sure you comply with advertising regulation The CAP Code now applies to websites, Facebook and Twitter (and any other non-paid-for online space under your control such as other social […]

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What Every Copyright Owner Should Know About Pinterest

A relative new kid on the social media block, Pinterest is growing quickly, with rating figures suggesting that UK traffic increased almost 50% between December and January alone. Perceived as being particularly attractive to women, the attraction of the site is obvious: users can create virtual “pinboards”, grouping together images and other content under their […]

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