How I can help you to really expand your business?

If you get to the point in your business where you are considering:

  • franchising
  • licensing
  • outsourcing
  • taking on agents
  • obtaining investment
  • entering into a joint venture
  • acquiring a new business

Then it is crucial to seek a small business legal advice uk through the process and make sure that you have watertight legal documents to protect your position. I am very experienced in all of the above matters and am an award-winning franchise lawyer.

There are often many things (including commercial matters) that you won’t have considered and talking them through with an experienced lawyer who has advised on a number of similar matters across a broad sector of businesses, will bring you invaluable advice. Having been a board director at a company with a £100m plus turnover, I have a lot more commercial experience than most lawyers and am more than happy to share this experience with you to enhance your commercial position.

All of the above matters involve advice, project management, the drafting of several legal documents and often lengthy negotiation with the other side. They do not just involve the drafting of one document. As such, the fees for such matters are therefore likely to be significantly higher than for just drafting one standalone document. However, the investment is always worth it for the peace of mind that you have fully protected your position.

The above matters are likely to be complex and it is therefore very important that you consult a specialist lawyer and not just your general practice high street lawyer. I was dealing with such matters at the highest levels at DLA Piper (the world’s largest law firm) and ITV plc and you can be confident that I have the experience, knowledge and skills to fully protect your position. Saying that, my fees are significantly lower for such matters than those of law firms where they can offer the same level of experience.

If you would like my help with these matters, please submit a contact form so that we can arrange a time to talk at your convenience.