GDPR and Whether You Need to Get Fresh Consent from People Outside of the EU

Transcript of the Video

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Suzanne Dibble here, data protection law expert coming to you raw and uncut from quite possibly my favorite view in the whole wide world. Yes, this is where I come after my morning run, have a little seat and  reflect, and often I do videos. I run a female entrepreneur group as well, and I actually used to do a lot of videos from the top of the hill here, and I have to say it's become a little bit less and less in the recent months. Now that the nicer weather is here, I'm determined to start doing that again, so I thought I would treat you to this beautiful view this morning from the English countryside. A very quick video this morning, but one that I just wanted to clear up. I have touched on it before, there have been a few questions in the group, but it is a key point so I just want to make sure that have grasped it.

That is the question of if you're based in the EU, whether you need to get people to re-opt-in, whether you need to get consent from people outside of the EU. I know a lot of you are currently, if you've decided that you need consent from people on your list, I know that you're currently going out with your re-opt-in emails asking people to opt-in to your marketing emails. I just want to make sure that you're clear on this, that if you're within the EU, you're established in the EU, and then you need to send that re-opt-in email to everybody on your list, whether that's people in the EU or outside of the EU. If you are established outside of the EU, maybe you're in the States or Canada or Australia or somewhere else, then you only need to be thinking about the people within the EU.

If you've realized that you need to get people to re-opt-in to your list to continue to send them marketing emails, then you only need to send those opt-in emails to people on your list within the EU. I hope that clears things up. As I say, I have touched on it quite a few times, but I'm still getting questions about it, so I wanted to make sure that people understood that. That was always my interpretation of the legislation, but I did, when I was on the phone when I finally managed to get through to the ICO the other day, I did specifically ask about that as well, and they confirmed my understanding on that. As I say, I just wanted to clarify that that is the position. I think that's fairly straightforward, and I'm going to leave it there.

Probably my shortest video ever, but have a wonderful Friday whatever you're doing. It's one of my team's 50th birthday today actually, so Sophie, who's in our customer service team, if any of you have had the pleasure of dealing with Sophie. She's only been with us a week and she's just completely been thrown in the deep end, bless her, and she's doing such a great job. But it's her 50th birthday today, so we're all going out for a lunchtime meal to celebrate that with her. The customer services department will be closed between 12:30 and 2 o'clock today while we go and celebrate her 50th.

But thank you all, as always, for your continued engagement in asking such brilliant questions in this group. I have to say, I've never had such an intellectual workout before as I have had in this group, so thank you for that. Thanks for sharing. I think we're nearly at 25,000 members, which is just phenomenal. Our aim was to get to 50,000 by the 25th of May, will we do that? I don't know. We're certainly getting about, actually I think probably just getting over 1,000 people applying to join a day, so that would be, and there are about 20 odd days left, so maybe. If you haven't shared the group yet, then please do, with all of your business pals. Whatever you're doing, have a fantastic Friday, and I'll see you tomorrow.