Transcript of the Video

Hello, my name is Suzanne Dibble. I'm a GDPR expert and this is me raw and uncut because I'm going to be doing a video a day for you on GDPR until the regulations come into force in the 25th of May, 2018. And I figured that I would never get to do a video a day if I was bothered about my hair and makeup, how I looked and my backdrops, etcetera. So what I'm offering for free is the benefit of my expertise, which is significant. And on that point, I would just like to say that please do make sure that you're getting your GDPR advice from a reliable source. Every man and his dog appears to be a GDPR expert at the moment and a lot of the advice that I have seen doing the rounds just isn't right, so please do make sure that you're getting your advice from a qualified lawyer with a data protection specialty.

Okay. So I'm consorting with huge multinationals at the moment on GDPR but where my passion lies is in helping small businesses understand the myriad of regulation that is GDPR. And it's a really hot topic at the moment, I'd say there's lots of incorrect advice doing the rounds and I'm here to answer your questions and to tell you how it is. And yes, there are changes, that a small business as you, need to make. Are you going to get changed ... Sorry. Are you getting fined 20 million euros on the 26th of May because you're not compliant? Of course, you're not but it is definitely something that as a small business owner, you need to take seriously, and I'm here passionate and willing to share the benefit of my huge expertise in this area so that you don't feel adrift. Adrift is probably not the right word so that you don't feel really confused and really out at sea about all of this new regulation that's coming into force. There are hundreds of articles online about it. Some are right, some are wrong and they're not always easy to understand if you don't have a good grasp of the basic, so I'm here.

I'm going to, as I say, be doing a video every day for you and you can ask any questions that you have in this Facebook group and we'll see where we get to. It's something that I've just been inspired to do. Could be a dreadful idea, could be a great idea but I'm here to help you and to answer your questions. I'll be posting videos daily. If there's an area that you want a covering, then please do post in the group and I'll do a video to address that point. I'll also be doing some more comprehensive training in the form of webinar that you'll need to sign up to and they'll be sort of two hours long, but I'll be giving you snippets on a daily basis of the things I can see that people are asking questions about and, of course, I'll be answering any specific questions that you have. So there you go, I'm here to help. Spread the group with all of your small business friends who you think might be in some confusion about GDPR and who would like to have an expert on hand to answer any questions that you have. Please share, share, share. Let's get some good people into this group. Let's get the conversation going.

And don't forget, guys, if you're in the UK, share it outside of the UK because a lot of people in the States, in Canada, in Australia, wherever outside of the UK don't realize that GDPR does have application to them too. If they are marketing and selling goods and services in the EU or monitoring behavior in the EU, then it equally applies to them. Okay? So invite far and wide, the more the merrier. And for that, I will leave it there. And just really looking forward to getting the discussion started and really bring you up to speed on what can be actually a very positive regulation for all of our marketing and general relationship with our customers, so I'm excited. Let's get this started.