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Suzanne's Blog

Converting from sole trader to limited company – when is the time right?

Chances are, you started up or is thinking of starting up your small business as a sole trader. All you need to do is start trading and notify HMRC that you are self-employed. You can’t really get easier than that… But as you grow your business and start taking on contractors or employees or start […]

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Top Tips on Dealing With Suppliers

As a small business owner, we often feel that we have to accept the terms of business that suppliers send to us. Or perhaps we question something only to be told by the supplier that these are their standard terms and they never change them and at that point we roll over and accept their […]

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7 reasons why you need killer terms of business

Your standard terms and conditions (i.e. the legal basis on which you are willing to do business with your customers) are one of the most important business documents you should have and they should be the first legal document that you put in place when you are starting a business. Many people don’t have standard […]

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It’s all about expectations!

The one area where I see more disputes than anywhere else, is in mismatched expectations. I see website designers having to bring claims against customers for unpaid fees because the customer isn’t happy with the design yet the website designer feels they delivered exactly to the brief. Or perhaps it’s the events company being sued […]

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How to get the most out of your lawyer

There has been a bit of a stink in the legal press recently. The world’s largest law firm (in fact, the US arm of the firm I used to work at) was caught out big time in inflating its invoices. The firm’s lawyers were trading casual emails about the case and joking about how the […]

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