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Suzanne's Blog

Part 1 – How to find a Grrrreat lawyer

Finding a great lawyer to advise your small business is not easy. If you have found a great one, be nice to them and hang onto them at all costs… 🙂 But if you don’t have a great lawyer, how do you go about finding one? Read on to find out how. 1.       Recommendation As […]

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Competitions, prize draws and Facebook…

On 27 August 2013, something quite miraculous happened…. Facebook performed a momentous u-turn on its previous position on completions and give-aways on Facebook pages. You no longer need to run your Facebook competitions and prize draws through third party apps. You can post them directly on your Facebook page and you can even ask for […]

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Beware the image copyright web crawlers…

Do you own the copyright in all of the images in your website? If not, are you properly licensed to use them? Are you sure? What about those ones that your website designer in India used? Or those ones that your Virtual Assistant added for you? What about images used on banner adverts on your […]

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