Am I able to use my privacy policy that I have on my website to give to clients where I collect their personal data in person or over the telephone as opposed to through my website?

If you have used my template for the website privacy policy, you can still use this for people who provide their personal data to you by ways other than through your website. However if you do not have a website or do not process personal data through your website, for example via analytics cookies or the like, then you may want to use the abbreviated hard copy version that is also in my GDPR module.

Don't forget to have a link to your privacy notice at the point on your website where you collect personal data such as on the contact us page and on any signups for your newsletter or other freebies, in addition to any online sales pages and order forms.

Remember you do not ask people to “consent” or “agree” to your privacy notice, but rather you advise them of your privacy notice with wording such as “we collect and process your personal data in accordance with our privacy notice” – and then link through to your privacy notice. Also I would avoid using wording such as “we will never share your personal data with third parties” because there is a good chance that that is an untrue statement, as you will no doubt be sharing personal data with your CRM provider, your email service provider, your freelancers and more…


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