Social Media Checklist

Do you use social media?

Did you use social media in setting up a business?

Of course you do, you're a business owner who is reading this blog post online.

Do you use social media in your business?

Chances are that you do.

Do you know the law around using social media in your business?

Chances are that you don't…

I'm here to gently suggest kick your butt and tell you that you need to wise up about what you can and can't do on social media.

But first I will tell you a little story. Actually a very sad story. About a virtual assistant from Milton Keynes.

Mrs Kemp was working for a client in the Middle East who was late paying one of her invoices.

So she thought it would be a good idea to post something about it on Twitter.

Not a good idea. The Middle Eastern company sued her for defamation for a little under £120k.

After several months of the legal process, very fortuitously for Mrs Kemp, the Middle Eastern company dropped the case but Mrs Kemp commented that “the whole experience affected me terribly. It has been a living hell.”

Now for the gentle suggestion butt kicking – if you are using social media for your business, there are a whole host of things you need to know about. Right now.

The CAP Code and the marketing regulations that you may not even know exist. Defamation, confidentiality, endorsements, affiliate promotions, intellectual property, copyright and trademark infringement, how to deal with employees' use of social media… the list goes on and on.

It's a complex area and there are numerous different laws that apply – unfortunately there isn't just one ‘social media law'.

A simple way that you can find out what the law is on social media and to discover what you should most definitely not be posting on social media is to get your hands on one of my complimentary Social Media Legalities Checklists.

Just click on the link below and we will email you the Checklist over for you to start using with your social media straight away.

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