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Suzanne's Blog

How to be a negotiation rockstar!

So you might be negotiating a new lease on your office space, negotiating prices for a manufacturing contract, negotiating the terms of an employment contract for a new employee or negotiating a long term contract for marketing support. Whatever it is, here are 5 tricks about negotiating that only savvy business owners know about that […]

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Eight steps to beating the online content thieves without paying ££££££ to lawyers

People copying your website content, your articles and your blog posts is really galling, especially when they are ranking higher in the search engines than you… Follow these 7 simple steps to assert your rights to your content and make the “thief” take down your content. Step one – identify the content theft The most […]

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The definitive guide to VAT Mess with some practical solutions

There is something of an uproar in the small business community. And rightly so. EU measures are going to make selling outside of the UK into the EU pretty much unworkable for micro businesses selling products or services that are digitally delivered (ie fully automated or involves ‘no or minimal human intervention’). This includes ebooks, […]

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Are you cookie compliant?

In May 2011, the EU Privacy and Communications Directive came into force which stated that all non-essential cookies used on websites must be clearly identified to the website’s users and that the website users must consent to the cookies being used (on an opt-in basis). The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) gave UK website owners a […]

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Social Media – what you can and can’t say

Do you use social media? Did you use social media in setting up a business? Of course you do, you’re a business owner who is reading this blog post online. Do you use social media in your business? Chances are that you do. Do you know the law around using social media in your business? […]

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