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What is Granularity of Consent?

Granularity of consent is a question that repeatedly comes up in my free GDPR Facebook group, so I imagine you too have been confused over how many tick boxes you need for your subscribers, which types of marketing services should be split up with the tick boxes, and...

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Top 10 Legal Issues to Consider When Using Twitter

Twitter can be a fantastic marketing tool, but you need to be aware of the legal implications when you use it for your business. 1. Make sure you comply with advertising regulation The CAP Code now applies to websites, Facebook and Twitter (and any other non-paid-for...

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What Every Copyright Owner Should Know About Pinterest

A relative new kid on the social media block, Pinterest is growing quickly, with rating figures suggesting that UK traffic increased almost 50% between December and January alone. Perceived as being particularly attractive to women, the attraction of the site is...

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What I learnt from working with Richard Branson

I was lucky enough to work with Richard Branson at the Virgin Management Offices and have been reflecting on what I learnt from my time from the great man. 1. Look after your people Richard has often said that business is all about people and no one lives this more...

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How To Ensure You Get Paid In Full, On Time, Every Time

It’s a question that is key to most small service businesses, particularly when starting and setting up a business. Cash flow is king and you really don’t want to be wasting your precious time chasing clients again and again asking them to pay your invoice – or worse,...

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PSC Register – your new legal requirements

Limited companies and LLPs are now required to maintain a PSC Register (a Person of Significant Control) and companies incorporated after 30 June are also required to file a statement of initial significant control at Companies House. There is no prescribed form of...

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How to be a negotiation rockstar!

So you might be negotiating a new lease on your office space, negotiating prices for a manufacturing contract, negotiating the terms of an employment contract for a new employee or negotiating a long term contract for marketing support. Whatever it is, here are 5...

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