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Are you cookie compliant?

In May 2011, the EU Privacy and Communications Directive came into force which stated that all non-essential cookies used on websites must be clearly identified to the website’s users and that the website users must consent to the cookies being used (on an opt-in...

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Social Media – what you can and can’t say

Do you use social media? Did you use social media in setting up a business? Of course you do, you're a business owner who is reading this blog post online. Do you use social media in your business? Chances are that you do. Do you know the law around using social media...

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Employee or freelancer?

So when is someone who isn't an employee really an employee? No it's not a riddle - it's a problem I see time and time again with many small business owners. You may be one of them? If you have engaged someone in your business and thought "I don't want the hassle of...

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How to stop people stealing your online content

'Part 1 – how to identify content theft and find your stolen contentIn the first of this 3 part series about how to stop people stealing your online content, we will look at how you can identify content theft before in part 2 looking at what you can do to prevent...

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